Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Create a trailer (tips)

Become a professional video editor in just 2 easy steps!

So you need to create a trailer or maybe make a cutscene for your game, but you've never edited video before? It's okay, I'll show you two easy steps to make your video look better than 90% of YouTube videos.

When recording your footage, follow the first step.

STEP 1. Use a tripod. If you can't use a tripod, steady the camera some other way (on a chair, on a table).

Now you can edit your steady, beautiful footage in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut, or Windows Movie Maker/iMovie (if you have to). While editing, simply follow Step 2.

STEP 2. Find & use the "Cross Dissolve" or "Cross Fade" video transition effect. The only transition effect (to switch between scenes) you should be using is either Cross Dissolve, or none at all. The only exception might be "Fade to Black" or "Fade to White" to open up or close down the video.

Ta-da! Your video looks more professional than 90% of videos out there. It's not shaky! It doesn't have pointless transitions! Be prepared to sell millions of copies thanks to your perfect trailer.

If you happen to be editing footage you didn't record by someone who did not follow Step 1, I found this little piece of ingenious software can nearly remove shakiness and even fix up the colors from a bad white balance: vReveal. It's free if you don't need a video better than 480p, and not too expensive if you do.

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