Monday, November 12, 2012

Remove computer noise from recordings

Here's a quick tip on how to remove those annoying fan noises from any voice or musical recordings you might have. I'm also writing this so I can look it up when I forget how to do it. ;-)

First, download the free software recording/editing sound program Audacity.

Drag your sound file into Audacity or record what you need to record. Next, select a few seconds that should be silent... but are filled with loud whirring noises from your laptop or computer's fans.

From the top menu, click on Effect > Noise Removal. Click on "Get Noise Profile." Hit OK.

Now, hit Ctrl + A at the same time to select your whole sound bit. Click on Effect > Noise Removal again. You can preview a small portion of your recording if you wish. Hit OK, and BAM! Just like that, you have a near-professional recording uninhabited by the cacophony of noisy computer fans.

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